Resting bitch face

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Onionlab, a multi-disciplinary studio based in Barcelona, created this 3D projection mapping project for the 2013 Mapping Festival.

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You better dance upon me!

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Boy, you’re like an elevator cause you always pick me up 
Boy, you’re like my doctor, when I’m sick, you always stitch me up 
You could be my DJ, I’m your record come on mix me up 
Boy, just be my lollipop, lemme, lemme lick you up 

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Rule number 1

is that you gotta have fun

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This is a story about a girl named Lucky.

…and they say, she’s so lucky she’s a star…

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Please [insert gay here], make the “football at a Beyonce concert” joke again. It’s very original and you should be proud you thought that one up. Really, They where old last year when they were Madonna Concert/Superbowl jokes.

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